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The piano ain’t got no wrong notes.  


It’s weirdly true. When Thelonius Monk said this, maybe he meant that mistakes can become part of the music. That any key can end up enhancing the song, referring to result. But what about intent? What if you go into the song not caring what notes you hit? 


I’ve played piano for 50 years, and every wrong note is either uh-oh or ha-ha or A-HA. When a good player extrapolates on wrong notes, he becomes a great player, soldiering through the evolving dissonance until it fits with what he had in mind to play. Only different.  


And maybe I never get it back, that first intent, and instead find a worm hole into another mellifluous dimension of alternative harmonies and the uncanny pairing of notes, compatibility coaxed from antagonism, discovering my own harmonic truths.  


I’m Greg Anderson, piano man. I feel it, I hear it, I play it. In ballet studios, in five-star Swiss hotels, in churches, in open air concert venues, on five continents and counting. Listen in, and hear me mess it up! 

Welcome to my new web page. It's under construction and it's going to be a unique, wonderful place to find good music for beautiful people. God bless you!

Greg Anderson



My Favorite Things
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Gregor Demo
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Ice Skating Song
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Claire de Lune
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Cast Your Fate to the Wind
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Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

RW Emerson


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